Equipment for work at heights

Surely, you have had to do some work at height. It is probably now when that need arises to carry it out. Scaffolding, vertical works, stairs, you know everything about equipment for work at heights?

This type of activities can entail a serious danger if they are not carried out properly. Therefore, knowing and having the best teams working at heights is essential.

Definition of work at height

Work at height is understood as any activity that is carried out more than two meters above the ground.

At Birmingham scaffolding, we prioritize the safety of construction and maintenance workers.

Within this work specialization, we will find different types of equipment, depending on the way in which the works are executed.

Equipment for working at height on a scaffolding

Working at height on scaffolding involves a number of general risks to which we must attend. Among them, there are the risks such as falls at different levels, blows or landslides.

To avoid any type of accident, the equipment for work on heights on scaffolding are the following:

Harnesses to prevent falls and impacts

The use of harness at heights is key to ensuring steadfastness. This element of work keeps the body of the worker in height and prevents him from a possible fall.

Depending on the type of work to be carried out and the needs of the worker, there are many types of harnesses that are being used. Mainly, there are the fall arrest harness, a seat harness, an integral harness and a life-saving harness.

Energy absorbers

Here's another element to preserve safety at heights. The energy absorber decreases the force of the fall to limits that the human body can tolerate.

The presence of this tool within the equipment for work at height is essential. And it acts when the fall already occurs, decreasing its power.

Mooring devices

Mooring devices are the elements that keep the worker subject to the structure. That is to say, if a fall occurs, the point of support from which the worker will hang with his harness, will be that part of the structure to which he is tied.

It is important to have solid and secure anchoring elements. You have to make sure you have them inside the equipment for work at heights.

Retractable elements

The retractable elements are other tools for working at higher heights.

The function of this type of equipment is to decrease the height of the fall so that the impact is the least possible.

Carabiners or connectors

If our equipment for work at heights are not all together, their usage will be incorrect.

With this consideration appears the carabiners or connectors, which solidly join all parts of the safety equipment.

You can reach out to Birmingham scaffolding for all types of your scaffolding safety equipment.